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April 18th, 2014

01:28 pm
The first thing I heard when I woke up this morning was a voice saying, "stop Free Dricking babies."

1. that's insulting to my families' name. No one in my family has harmed a baby.

2. The ONLY baby-ish thing happening on my body has been in the sulfur that tries to make my intestinal cillia the most differently opinionated thing in my body, and then sends them up into my head to destroy my brain's neurons as toxoplasmosis... and its been trying to justify doing that to me with lies.

3. This process is trying to screw up people's lymph systems and bind their digestive tracts into the brains... and that is a fucked up thing to do to someone unless you have a good reason to... and so far the "reason" its been claiming lately is that it asks me to masturbate, and if I do I'm "baby-ish" and it attacks me with toxoplasmosis, and if I refuse to masturbate it calls me "poop" and accuses me of being a fag and attacks me with it.

It is NOT actually trying to resolve human sexual desire, its abusing ignorance and exploiting taboo, and lying about sexuality.


we can SEE that women and children are in control over lymph and sulfur. Kind of hard to ignore that.

I have witnessed something turn a bunch of women that I have known over the years into hateful enemies of me, trying to keep them certain I am wrong and that the pressures on me were my fault...

Mostly by trying to convince them that if I was successful, that they would lose their body comfort.

So I am certain that there ARE some evil women out there... and that if I wanted to use them as a communication weapon for social engineering, I would make sure to defend the idea that females are victims of oppression and that animosity should never attempt to pressure anyone female.

Everything seems sort of calm right now, but my body is not peaceful and consistent enough to be considered heavenly. Sulfur is still trying to liberate itself from my body... and the only people that sulfur seems completely in-tune with are those with tiny mouths and long thin necks who have thin tummies because they are in-control over their bodies' digestive and lymph systems.

I think its been attacking my hair because my carbon has different opinions from the carbon of most people with long thick hair.

I believe that the only reason to put someone through digesting their own body, would be if there are people who claim areas of land and then do not take care of the wildlife on that land, to allow the ecosystem to survive via "hydrogen to heavy element conversion"... which is called "righteous animosity". But this hasn't been righteous towards me. I haven't harmed anyone, and I have been helping wild animals for years. And where females are involved with this "psychic vampirism" behavior... its rather obvious that its because they have been kept ignorant and are being fed lies so they will attack enemies of the patriarchy while believing they are acting righteously or in their own best interest. That's why females were kept out of religion and government and business and militaries and secret societies for millenia.

also, trying to bind someone's brain with their digestive system puts sulfur in control over their skin, and I don't own any land... so this is literally other people's sulfur in their property attempting to take over my body and destroy my mind... and its using lies to do it.

Do you guys think that females that take testosterone are losing their place in the Heaven of the iron of the planet? Has testosterone been HEARING any females that take testosterone get kicked out of Heaven, because you could easily describe MY experience over the last half decade as "getting kicked out of Heaven by something that thinks I'm Harvey."


Let me sum this all up: someone couldn't handle letting me be ageless and exempt myself from reproducing like I wanted to, and now the materials we live in are obsessed with trying to make my body dissolve itself by manipulating carbon and sulfur.

So females are being tricked into attacking someone who is trying to blaze the ultimate feminist pathway away from being used by the patriarchy and then discarded once they have mated or are too old to reproduce.


Remember, there is a "flip" between the iron-driven tissues that build us and our organic bodies, so that we can have cells operating together to build perfect beings that then have freedom to survive how they see fit.

The more you attempt to control a human's opinions through the materials... to make them stop masturbating, for example... the more it hurts them. The more you give humans free will to do whatever they want to, and focus your iron's creation of perfection into their cellular level... the happier they will be.

I don't NEED to reproduce sexually, that is meant for cellular mitosis. My cells renew themselves regularily so that I can live immortally.

Forcing HUMANS to mate sexually, instead of their cellular tissues... is what kills us.

I am offering a pathway away from that.

The connection between iron being the only thing that survives the planet to create the electromagnetic shield tells us that if you are tired of being a planet, and want to stop it from continuing to birth itself out of the sun, you should keep everything from giving birth.

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12:00 pm - My tweets
  • Thu, 13:57: Woke up queasy today, a feeling that has persisted all day. I had better not be getting sick.
  • Thu, 19:00: Photoset: 1970’s Cosplay from various WorldCons and Star Trek conventions. I can only really identify Elric...
  • Thu, 21:08: People, I must know: is wine an Easter thing? Because the Target Easter section had like 4 shelves of wine stuck between the pastel candies.


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09:07 am - So much for suspension of disbelief ...
Reading (mumble-mumble), the second third in an urban fantasy series centered around a werewolf cop. Our narrator, said werewolf, is bemoaning being dumped in a forest by kidnappers as night falls. Then she adds: "... a few hours after that, the full moon would rise."


If you're writing about werewolves that are affected by the phases of the moon, a little research into said phases would help.

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April 17th, 2014

08:35 pm - the Big Five Oh.
When I was born, JFK had been assassinated 5 months prior the previous November, the Soviets and the U.S. were still exploring near earth orbits, and The Beatles were starting their North American tour. it was the middle of the "Mad men" era, and the golden age of violence in children's TV . i was born on this date in 1964 for Mr. and Mrs. William Lee Ruggels, then of Palo Alto California, two Stanford Graduate students at the time, living on Clara St, just north of Louis Rd. I was born at Stanford Hospital, and was a beta tester for incubators, as I was a bit premature.

a long ramble part autobiography, part roll call, under the cutCollapse )
So today i am sitting in my mother's elegant house in Lindsborg, Kansas, having finished a nice birthday dinner at a local restaurant, enjoying this little town, and the more relaxed pace here. There are things I miss about Los Angeles, but if I got a decent job here i'd stay in Kansas. the weather is not good, but the people are nice, and the cost of living is a fraction of California. The politics here are also more agreeable to my sensibilities than California as well. honestly, California has it's charms, chiefly the weather, but the politics, and the increasing corruption make me amenable to relocating anywhere I can get a decent job, and keep my guns.

I probably could have been more ambitious, and a lot wiser about things, but for fifty years i have indulged my creativity, and I have had fun with many friends along the way. Hopefully m,y situation will improve, and i half expect it to 6 months after the current office holder in the white house is gone but only time will tell. But looking back on the past, for me the most fun were my hobbies shared with friends, and the products of those times. so far it has been a happy Birthday. My apologies if i have left anyone out but this was typed in a long session at the keyboard after dinner. thank you all.

--Scott A. H. Ruggels, April 17th, 2014. Lindsborg, Kansas

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06:51 pm
So I'm being told that "steam punk" was meant to be a safe zone away from the interference of people using atom smashers with selfish intent, due to its mindset being the perfect mix of science and aether and magic and nonsense and art and survivalism, etc.

I've not heard that definition of steam punk used before.

Would anyone like to verify this?


Because it seemed more like interacting with "steam punks" in Seattle was like watching a group of awesome people get turned into TOOLS or hench men of people using atom smashers with selfish intent.


Still sure you want to ditch eating, let carbon grow tiny trees in you, and feed only off of stellar materials?


If I'm correct about this, we should be able to live agelessly. As long as we contribute a fair amount towards the lesser fortunate around us, and try to enjoy our own life without endangering the star system's eternal life... there shouldn't be anything trying to kill us with diseases, waste, and war.

For the last few hours, its just insulting me and trying to drive my skin wrong. Mostly trying to go back and forth between forcing soil (toxoplasmosis sulfur heating) and plant (carbon freezing) signals at the building I live in.

I'm hearing a bunch of voices that sound like my harassers freaking out and just saying things like "she's crazy" and "that's not possible" and "no one believes her" over and over at our location.

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05:17 pm - The Holy Cross of Light
Believing that you are merely "going around in circles" implies there is no loss or risk happening. As long as the stellar level is determined to break apart everything into death, you are moving in a straight line directly away from eternal life.


Have you ever considered that belly dancers are essentially involved with causing abdominal distress, tightness, and disease in others... so their torso flexibility and control over their mid-section's lymph and digestive systems will have so much artificially created "value" that they simply need to stand and move around in ways that SHOULD be available and simple for ANYONE to move like, in a healthy non-desert culture?

So, stellar life... yin and yang and such... who would you like to send to mate with me, to change about me? You do want to change me, don't you? Or have you made a habit of giving your life away to people you don't love, so you can imagine all of "their profitable mistakes"?

Just out of curiosity, since you are trying to strip my free will from me and attempting to remove iron's shield from me... who doesn't communicate backwards here on this planet?


Before I even moved to Seattle, a spirit taught me that cloud materials can sustain themselves by moving along the bled-off electricity of the utility pole grid.

Don't try to pretend that there ISN'T someone vindictively targtetting me, when my journal's very existence is here because some voices started attacking me claiming to be Jesus and Satan, Yin and Yang, and any number of other "identities of convienience" THAT ALL ACTED WITH EXACTLY THE SAME METHODS AND VOICE AND HAD THE SAME GOAL of trying to give any joy I had found to other males while trying to trick me into looking guilty of "male behaviors" that I've never been part of.

The spirit that is attacking me is trying to revoke my straight-mating-privilege and replace it with shit and babies... the two biggest mistakes of forced mating, puberty, and pedophilia that I REFUSE to participate in. I'm not part of the group that believes people are not "grown up enough until they are little men and women."


I am about 99% certain that my antagonist is a culture of atom smasher users that are trying to use their wide spectrum clouds to make themselves the most welcome life to the stellar level and the planet so they can gain control over everyone and everything in the star system. They use tunable transmitters to put certain mindsets into the cloud and then send those "programmed materials" around to accomplish goals for them. So someone that doesn't fall for it, but instead believes in "righteous animosity" is able to actually render their machines useless if the materials agree that there IS a correct way to apply ethical pressures, and anything else, such as an atom smasher cloud working on business or military projects... is "suspiciously different".

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12:00 pm - My tweets


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12:00 pm - My tweets


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08:48 am - Textured Dots Manicure
I've been in the mood to wear a textured polish lately so I pulled out my only bottle ~ OPI's "Tiffany Case". To make things a little more interesting I painted my middle & ring finger with a matching (unlabeled) teal polish and then created some textured polka dots with my nail dotters.

Textured Dots Manicure

When things started chipping I painted over those nails with the texture as well, since it can easily hide flaws. It was a fun manicure both ways.


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01:55 am

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