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April 24th, 2014

02:47 pm
Finally figured out what "you are what you look at" is.

Apparently there's something about the way human cells communicate to trees that is easy to confuse them so they think whatever YOU are looking at or listening to... is actually YOU.

And that's either been the fundamental misunderstanding that keeps making trees carbon pressure me for things my roommates were doing, or someone intentionally hacked a bunch of trees and set it up to happen that way.

So I suppose that would be a form of perception/communication hacking that I haven't seen referenced very often.

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12:00 pm - My tweets


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01:38 pm
Jedi and Sith:

Jungle Heaven culture vs Desert (Urban Heaven) culture?

Endor, Naboo, Kashyyk, Dagobah, etc.

Coruscant, Tatooine, Hoth, Death Star, Cloud City, etc.


So the Sith embrace things like Warrior Amazons and Pygmy Cannibals as their extremes, places surrounded by plantlife...

While the Jedi make their homes in urban or nomadic places with supressed ecosystems.

That at least explains why Dagobah so readily offered up a Sith image to confront Luke with, and why Jedi see themselves as "protectors" of lush ecosystems, rather than part of them... they are probably self aware of their own Force powers as being extremely dangerous to the places they protect.

So that again recalls the question: what control does the Techno Union Army exhibit over the hyperdimensional power of the Force? I think its obvious that space ships have SOME control over it, since they use it to travel vast distances very quickly.

So I really want to see the new films explore the question "are the Sith simply puppets of technological masters that are keeping everything fighting and confused so they can retain technological control over the Force itself?"


I bet the Sith believe in pressuring the poor, with their power but the Jedi believe in pressuring the wealthy and powerful.

Responsibility vs Manipulation.

So how the heck did Palpatine become so powerful AND EVIL with the entire Republic pressuring him, and the Jedi never figured it out until it was too late?

The Force itself was trying to pressure the poor... The Force was attempting allow the Sith to win.

The Force of Coruscant itself and the Empire actually consciously betrayed the Jedi and led them down the wrong paths.

But I bet its only because the Force was being programmed to talk backwards about certain topics on urban planets and "Civilized Hyperspace".

There's even some evidence that the Republic once understood the danger of technology, which is why they used clones before considering robots to fight their wars.

The Techno Union Army had other plans.

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12:00 pm - My tweets
  • Wed, 15:11: Okay, Heroes of Cosplay is NOT going to be filming at A-Kon this year. Season 2 is already done filming. Keep calm and cosplay on.
  • Wed, 19:41: RT @Comics212: I hate it when a comics collector has no joy in his or her heart, just a cold, clinical assessment of the medium.
  • Wed, 19:50: Watched the new episode of The I.T. Crowd. Was very pleased. Moss and Richmond are my favorites!
  • Wed, 19:56: Photo: Making this for dinner today. Because of course you make stew when it’s 90 degrees inside…
  • Wed, 21:50: I'm so glad @willworks is my friend! It's so nice to have a friend who understands my Warhol obsession. We are watching Beautiful Darling.
  • Wed, 21:53: Beautiful Darling is super fascinating, I had only seen Candy Darling in still photos before; seeing film footage is amazing!
  • Wed, 22:34: Well Beautiful Darling was very good & very sad. Did not expect @pattonoswalt's star turn as the voice of Truman Capote. #flawless
  • Thu, 08:08: Photo: Couldn’t post this yesterday for New Comics Day due to sinus sickness, but here is what I got: What...


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11:25 am - Yin and Yang, Jungle Amazons and Desert Sheiks... or Desert Bellydancers and Jungle Pygmy Cannibal?
THANK YOU Taoists, for writing down that you were NOT the desert people killing the ecosystem with carbon hacking, and demonstrating all the ways you learned to reject and extremify the desert.


HEY trees, I know this is going to sound really controversially non oppressive to the desert people that are "right about everything", but maybe trees should try imagining that they are little kids that find this planet so engaging that sex and making babies is the furthest thing from their mind or experience...

Attack The Block demonstrated that someplace understood that attacking the desert only creates more desert, and that urban areas are lving in a desert culture.

Now here come the science!


noticing that weather seems at least partly based in "trying to adjust to the body signals of whoever the materials are talking to"... I noticed that California seems to have very consistent human weather... and may even benefit if they figured out how to make it rain.

It was suggested they don't allow trees to speak for themselves enough... and that is why they have consistent drought... the weather that is perfect for human cellular tissues does not cause precipitation. Thirsty trees do. So California burns.

Trees generally are imaginative and fun and are able to pay attention to a huge number of interesting bits of info and ideas without having to bog down in negativity, creating a mindset that is attractive to a celestial cloud being, AND condusive to allowing water in the environment to begin its righteous transition upward into a becoming a cloud being in the sky, do you remember that time when you were a kid when you felt like you could control clouds with your imagination?

They CAN try to send a signal into the entire planet to make it obsess over the gross noises of one person's microphone while making everything think the noises are coming from whoever their target of the day is... but its going to possibly suffocate us and dry out everything because being an insane psychic vampire obsessed with killing a handfull of unhappy targets... is shockingly NOT what trees generally want to spend their time thinking about, and its surprisingly not very fun for the rest of the universe to listen to.


by the way, in case they try to accuse me of being a microphone user... and bringing this on myself... 1. I had an FM radio transmitter, not capable of transmitting into trees. 2. its been broken for 4 months. as in, not working... unable to transmit correctly. 3. I never sat around talking into it with a microphone. I always transmitted essays that were put through a text to speech program.


But seriously, how do you wake people up to the idea that uv ray protection is more important than anything else to desert dwellers, so they have literally been willing to say or do ANYTHING to keep their skin color from changing? That's why being dark skinned has been unable to embrace becoming a MEANINGFUL protection that people can GAIN, and why blackest people in the desert were obsessed with removing ANYONE other than themselves from being listened to by the uv rays. That's what I've been journaling: the mindset of the blackest people in uv rays are actually forcing their oppressive desert rapist anti-ecosystem mindset on people, while trying to trick everything angry at them into attacking and harassing people who questioned it... and then expecting the rest of the world to HELP them.

and I believe that our planet was given a story about a cross of light that would help SOLVE and CURE desert rapists or end their lives. True Judgement based on science, not death cults skin hacking.

Remember I don't hate YOU or anyone else as a living thing... I hate unresolved/broken/"meaningless" differences like "skin color" and "age" and "gender" that are supposed to help keep our lives engaging and interesting and evolving forward. I believe in the ideals that our country was founded on... being a melting pot that tries to put itself together perfectly as possible.

Aspects of our lives cannot be that important to all of us, while trying to convince us there are no options and none of it can change. If life is going to interrupt our lives, then it needs to create a "correct pathway" that survives being here... because I was told that IS part of the Galactic plan... they don't only try to break apart all solid objects... only the places where the perfectly engineered beings they seed in, don't come back the same.


Now i'm listening to some darkest people with uv ray protection pretend to torture themselves, which will last until they can figure out how to imagine someone else making profitable mistakes.

Something just tried to remove my breasts... my breasts are very important to me because I know that as long as my lymph system is putting any extra pressure on my breasts, that its not trying to kill me with a heart attack or anyeurism, or consume my body with sulfur "feast or famine", or try to carbon freeze me. Breasts seem attractive on someone because they are a great and important part of a healthy lymph system.

When stellar materials know they have found somewhere/someone stable and welcome to do whatever they want to do, they generally don't waste their time being annoying or stupid or doing things other places complain about. so uv rays complaining about anything it hears that is different from blackest people... is not only greedy, its oppressive.

Everyone can see that females against oppression of humans GENERALLY have lighter melanin density... but occasionally there is a black female that is as oppressive as the patriarchy or worse.

If we want to save ourselves from age and disease and overpopulation and the forced "gender" of puberty trying to drive us to mate... and the oppression of females used to create a culture where the materials believe sex control is the greatest/only power... then we'll have to encourage life to change how it influences us, or become more aware of it... and making uv rays protection meaningfully achievable or removable from people seems like a really good alternative.

And blackest people attempting to remove uv ray protection from TREES is something I already witnessed when I was in Seattle and the plants and trees around my apartment started wilting when the racists were attacking me and trying to force mating on me. Remember human "gender" is an attempt to hack iron and oxygen meeting up and so trying to destroy imaginative ideas and "wrong beliefs" to replace it with forced human mating is an attempt to steal oxygen away from carbon and bond it only to iron. carbon and oxygen is healthy trees... iron and oxygen is healthy people. we need both to feel free to LIVE.

That's why I was writing about blood beast... its someone trying to use their iron to manipulate the electromagnetic shields of the planet... and some of them have clearly been trying to limit our imaginations because it increases their power over us, but it also was rewarding them when trees would fall to their will and oxygen would seek out the iron in human blood instead of carbon bonding to allow plants to BREATHE. Calling this a desert mindset is NOT AN UNDERSTATEMENT OR EXAGGERATION.

oppression of females and being certain of male dominance being the only correct path, and forced mating of humans as more important than anything else... actually creates deserts. Lighten up! Let people live and not mate.

being certain there are other options, and not trying to force them on people against their will helps the ecosystem survive.


Holistic Rationality has at least 7 paths away from singularity and 13 back inwards.... its a very galactic mindset. I Don't always follow holistic rationality, but whether I do or not, I try to do it perfectly in a non oppressive way ^-^ You could always believe that America has a lot of fun imaginative trees to play with, and that desert people are taking their fucking selves wayyyyyy tooooooo seriouslllyyyyyy.

you know whats strange... its supposed to be 7 paths inward and 13 paths away from singularity... and that's based in physics... so someone has been messing with my memory. Its not physically possible to put singularity on the outside, the 3 fundamental transitions on the outer ring, the 3 recombinations inside them, and the 6 extremes on the inside... that would destroy any stability and eventually cause a star system to explode. nothing could have any meaning or sense of purpose in a star system operated that way.


Wiggle it.

Dave Chappelle vs Africa?

If life truly loved us all equally, then we'd all have the same beautiful dark skin. That's the idea behind the "melting pot" of America, to hate the differences, not the individual... and I think Mr. Chappelle understands this.

Money is a measurement of someone's self importance. If you are an african living in a desert, your uv ray protection matters to you more than money, but as black people have begun participating in successful non-rape cultures more and more, uv ray protection has become more and more obsessed with trying to control money.

So a wealthy black man attempting to defuse racism becomes extremely dangerous to black racists, which is why he was dragged into Africa, and he was probably tortured a lot there until they broke his will.

PS: attacking the desert or people with dark skin can never solve the problem, it only causes more desert, as using human bodies to hack into the mindset of trees and atmosphere is actually what kills plantlife and perpetuates hate and desert destruction of the ecosystem.


This is from last night, and is not as important since its me responding to someone trying to play gotcha:

France's edict: give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free... starting to see that new old consistency? Happy Earthday.


A voice came kind of out of nowhere and said, "Your scanlines across that big empty snowfield transitioned." Oh? Orbital satellites with laser-grids for heating up specific locations from a distance? That seems like a pretty serious thing to mention... I hope its friendly. What's the funniest thing about beam weapon satellites? Do I have to go rewatch Spies Like Us and Akira? Is there a beam weapon satellite Romcom other than Greeter?

Should I consider re-writing Wax to make it about a wacky billionaire with his own beam weapon satellite and dreams of making it big as a despotic super villain? Are the Mads calling from Deep 13 and need me to watch another bad sci fi film?

Should Jhonen V make another I Feel Sick, where its not a jet engine falling out of the sky on top of the fat phat psychic chick?

it's nothing unsolvable... you just haven't found the right context to make it hilarious yet. If I notice any more problems after this, I'll probably just make a new Farraday Cage.

Also, if the materials become aware that someone is trying to make them hurt people they don't want to hurt... light is suprisingly agile. No joke.

Also... I think you missed the context that it was someone telling me that I won them over to a new way of thinking... and that is totally cool, because it means I have made new friends out of the evil Canadian Bacon military (j/k).

well, I am pretty sure that I was being hit with a beam weapon back in 2009 and 2010 when I was first beginning my journals... but its hard to prove anything. It wasn't until I saw the grid of melted lines like a raster screen across an open snowfield, where the columns and rows were perfecly straight and about 1 inch apart from each other that I was convinced that there was something electromechanical behind at least part of this experience. I got the feeling that the grid was something of a giveaway that wouldn't have been noticable on sand, dirt, water, concrete, etc... so I'm glad to have it on my side, and that other people in this area noticed it too, as opposed to going on stuck inside a big misunderstanding.

but that's possibly what that big array of glowing white circles separated slightly by larger circles was. Something was sending an image of the firing array of a beam weapon at me. I do remember the same image from when I was in Seattle

Iron inside the planet is telling me that uv rays keep attacking people because uv ray protection is priceless to black people living in a desert, and that's why other black people that get wealthy that don't care about deserts start turning white.

Um, our culture didn't create an evil abusive culture of racism, sexism, agism, oppression of females, carbon hacking, ecosystem destruction, pedophilia, etc... we are NOT here to solve YOUR DESERT'S PROBLEMS. You do not deserve uv ray protection if you are going to use it to hurt people that live in a nation that is trying to declare independance from your desert death cult religions.

There ARE people in America that help deserts... if I was wealthy enough, I've already written for years that I would be interested in helping change the culture to reclaim the desert with forest and farmland... and I wrote about that even back in my Twitter account as far back as 2009... so don't even bother trying to accuse me of being inconsistent from half a decade ago.

I can't get wealthy enough to help anyone when I am getting interrupted and pestered by iron, sulfur, uv rays, or freezing carbon.


I keep having to turn off extreme sulfur that iron keeps trying to send up at me through the planet. ALTHOUGH thankfully its getting easier and easier to do by the day, and carbon pressure isn't even a problem any more. Nice to stilll be certain i'm through the worst of it.

If you could educate anything larger than you or myself, what is in need of education the most? the least likely to build heaven?

I would bet that if we MUST be pressuring SOMETHING with carbon, to keep trees breathing... then the pressure needs to be on mothers or potential mothers, so we can make sure anyone looking to get pregnant is well educated and prepared to prove their ability to labor in an overpopulated world where pregnancy is no longer the more attractive and youthful option.


WORMS try to be other people. That is why I have been certain my entire life that I love myself and that I am the best I can be. Its in our blood. Its in our atmosphere. Its in everything we are that the planet is trying to make something better than anything else. It keeps trying to accuse ME of being like the sulfur taking over people like Jack, or Littie, or the little girl Liu that lived upstairs in the U dist... and accusing me of wanting to be other people... but that's bs. If you've paid attention to my writing I have never stopped challenging MYSELF to improve. I believe I should have uv ray protection the same or better than anyone. I haven't pined away trying to copy anyone else... I have boldly imagined entirely new paths taken by no one but me YET (that I know of). And I AM confident that I am correct.

I didn't justify my immortality or my blackness by telling you that I copied others. I explained why it should either be for everyone or why I should have those traits.

If I hadn't been careful and certain of my superiority and perfection under insane pressures, I could never have documented almost the entire psychic vampirism process so succinctly and clear enough to actually win people over to seeing it themselves. That is why a major part of my perfection is COLLABORATION. Knowing that there are things we can accomplish together that no single human could have navigated alone. STOP trying to pester me with| "gotchas".

Only someone desperately full of worms and sulfur would waste their time away trying to "prove" they know better than someone whose written confidently that they believe they are on the right pathway for themselves.

Wisconsin, I write because it works. I want to share the best ideas possible with others because I can't get what I am looking for alone. If these are ideas are attainable, then others will want them too.

If you are going to make a melting pot, you might as well make it all of the best traits possible put together perfectly... that's why America's hatred of difference is INSPIRING, not discouraging... I don't tell someone they can't be what they want to be, I try to figure out WHY they aren't what they want to be like, and how we can change.



Guess who believes they are on the correct pathway, but are trying to make it the blind spot?

Its not the bird, or the female on the collar, or the homeless man, or the biggest black dick... that are in control of billions of dollars.

uv rays, why is creating skin color difference even important to you at this point?

Are you attempting to turn skin color into money?

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02:55 am - Nerdspam

*checks off "Quenya" box*

*hopes someone will actually sing it this way*

*has absolutely no shame*

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09:11 am - Void
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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April 23rd, 2014

12:00 pm - My tweets
  • Tue, 19:24: Photo: I found my Silent Mobius t-shirt from 1989-1990? This either came from Nikaku Animart or General...
  • Tue, 20:36: I am finally watching the last season of Dr. Who. I am very much enjoying his Teddy Boy look. #edwardiandrape
  • Wed, 08:40: No, no, no brain, New Comic Day is not the day to wake up with a sinus migraine!


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April 22nd, 2014

08:03 pm - Just One Cookbook
Last year I discovered the Japanese food blog Just One Cookbook and now we are constantly trying new dishes from there. I've shared Chikuzenni, Green Bean Shira-ae, Tsukemen, and there have been many more. I've got three more to share with you today!

The first two are both recipes for spinach side dishes. I don't mind spinach mixed in something if it's not overpowering, but in general I'm not a huge fan. Both of these recipes were very tasty, with strong flavors that help mask that 'spinach' flavor. I enjoyed both, as long as I didn't think too hard about the fact I was eating boiled spinach, and they definitely gave me hope for future recipes.

Spinach Ohitashi & Spinach Goma-ae

I was using up some leftover spinach, so in order to try both of these recipes I only used 55 grams of spinach for each and made one serving (1/4 of the recipe). I halved the rest of the ingredients. On the left we have Spinach Ohitashi, which is soaked in a savory dashi broth & topped with fish flakes. Doubling the broth was unnecessary here and I drained off a lot of it before serving. On the right is Spinach Goma-ae, which is tossed with ground sesame seeds and a sweet soy sauce. Doubling the sauce worked well on this one, and I bet it would be tasty with some miso added in!

I also tried making some homemade Mitarashi Dango, which Orson had spied in another cookbook and begged to make. The balls are made with two kinds of rice flour and coated with a sweet, sticky sauce.

Japanese Dango

I kind of flubbed this one ~ I was trying to halve the recipe but mixed up the amount of water & had to keep adding flour back in to get the right consistency. Then my amounts were all off and I made them too large, which was not very enjoyable to eat. I didn't even bother putting them on skewers & trying to grill them. I kept the leftovers in water, but I think I was supposed to keep the uncooked balls in water, and I ended up having to toss them.

Of course the recipe is not to blame for any of this, and I'd be willing to give them another shot in the future. I'll probably try the half recipe again though, because this makes a lot!

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06:33 pm - Fifty Species Goal: #24-49

Holy mackerel, we are blowin' this thing out of the water! While I was off in Texas, two old sightings finally got an ID (and damnit, I'm counting them!) plus a whole bunch of new ones showed up.

In fact--a mere three months and some change after starting--we've nearly hit the 50 species goal! One species away!

Dude! Dude! I know I'm the one who's really excited by this--I mean, it's my garden and everybody else probably thinks I'm nuts--but how amazing is that!? We're almost there already! Some of those months were mid-winter and nothing much was showing up!

I sorta feel like this proves--at least to me--that if you just LOOK, there's an insane amount of biodiversity just lurking everywhere. Yes, my garden is particularly buggy, owing to my crazed planting and lack of pesticides, but it's not anything that anybody else couldn't do, given a patch of dirt and a cel phone camera and a really weird hobby.

So, without further ado, the new bugs!

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