Melita Curphy (missmonstermel) wrote,

Gnoll doll

gnarl10 by missmonstermel
gnarl10, a photo by missmonstermel on Flickr.

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So here is Gnarl. Gnarl is a Gnoll. Gnarl is a handful and demands Oreos filled with ham. Gross. Gnarl may try to eat your goldfish if you have any and will pick fights with the cat. I cannot accept any responsibility for any injuries sustained by pets or roommates!
This is a one of a kind, hand made doll. His body is faux fur stuffed with polyfill and pellets so he can sit on his own. His long mane is made from high quality synthetic hair with hand shaped wool pieces lining the sides. Gnarls face, ears and paws are cast in resin and hand painted. Glass eyes are imbedded and sculpted into the face.
Gnarl's armor is cast resin, leather, brass and faux fur... all hand crafted unique pieces. The pauldron is removable but the loincloth and gauntlet are not removable. His necklace is made from carved wood skull beads, nepalese yak bone, plus various stones and glass beads.
15" ( 38.1cm) from ear to toe tip
Please understand this doll was a very painstaking project that took a lot of time and patience to create. I'm really proud of this one.

Click pic to go to my flickr!

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