Melita Curphy (missmonstermel) wrote,


So im switching my online shops! Instead of using bigcartel im moving here:

So far im REALLY happy. Things have gotten a bit big as far as order numbers and shopify lets me be far more organized... and more importantly is is a little more intuitive for customers. I'm hoping this will lead to smoother orders, less mistakes and far more customer satisfaction. That will lead to my stress levels drastically lowering which lord knows i desperately need.. ;P Also hoping this will free up a lot of my time since i wont have to answer as many shop emails and shipping may go a little faster.

Right now it's a little bit confusing since not all the items show on the front page but im working on that. For now you can just use the links at the top to navigate categories and see all the stuff.

I'm thrilled with it so far. Sure, it's pricier but if it saves me $20 a week in time and grief than it's worth it. Plus it looks so cool and ~official~ haha....

Hey and look I made werewolf earrings!


And tomorrow? Glow In The Dark Tentacle Panties are coming out. YEP!!
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